Ibiza Mirage



  • 1000+ m area
  • Drinking water from all lines
  • Pool Billiards
  • Poker Table
  • Fireplace
  • Satellite TV
  • Netflix
  • B&O Sound System
  • Sonos Wireless Audio
  • Bar
  • Indoor Pool
  • 100% Silent AC
  • Floor Heating
  • All telephones calls worldwide for free
  • Private Gym
  • Table Tennis

As they say, an image says more than a thousand words. If you browse through the images above you’ll get a good picture of the villa’s interior, starting with a spacious corridor that leads to a glamorous staircase containing the rocks of the mountain that the villa was built upon.

Above, the lounge, bar, pool area and all suites are on the same level except for the garden suite which is located at the under-build of the east wing.

The lounge which is split -up into three parts starts with a recreation/sport area that is equipped with a poker table that can be converted into a pool billiard.

A Fireplace and TV covered with a fixed hood separate this space from the TV lounge which is stylishly furnished with a comfortable corner bench set and coffee table. This space has everything you need to relax including a huge HD LED screen and satellite receiver to provide you with virtually all international channels and streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube. With the help of an App, you can clone whatever you are watching throughout the resort. The latest surround sound technology and deep bass sounds flow all around you to completely immerse you in the action.

This part of the villa is also the heart of the superior B&O sound system that is extended with “Sonos,” a smart audio system that can also be controlled with an App so that you can play the same or different music in each room, suite, and even outside.

Behind the bench, there is a large dining table with seats for 10+ guests, ideal to have breakfast in the colder months or to enjoy your dinner.

Left from the dining area you´ll find a cosy bar with barstools. Upon your arrival a cold bottle of champagne awaits you to celebrate the start of an incredible holiday.

The bar leads to a spacious kitchen of which you’ll find a complete description here.

The most exclusive part of the lounge comes next. Two steps lower then the rest of the room you´ll enter an indoor wellness area that contains a large round pool with fountains surrounded by hardwood and a marble floor with impressive columns. The temperature of the water can be controlled by the digital control panel next to the bar. One would expect a lot of humidity but the opposite is true. As soon as the room reaches humidity above 63% the air gets automatically extracted to keep the indoor climate at a constant level. The indoor pool is designed in a way that it never overflows. There is actually a second pool below it that catches the flooded water and keeps the pool at a constant level no matter how many people are inside.

The TV lounge and the pool are openly connected by terrace doors reaching the ceiling, which gives great panoramic sea views and lots of natural light.

Next to the pool lounge is an additional bathroom with a toilet and shower.
From the spa, you can reach the four double guest suites through a corridor with steps.

The whole complex is equipped with floor heating and a unique 100% silent air-conditioning system that you won’t find in any 5-star hotel. Because the ceilings are high and the air treatment constantly active, the owner doesn’t mind if smokers smoke inside. It is made sure that this is never noticed by non-smokers.

The master bedroom is totally separated from the other suites at the west wing above the entrance so you can enjoy complete privacy even if all other suites are occupied by your guests or family.

Environmentally Friendly

For power, the Mirage Resort looks to its sunny skies and covers 70 percent of their electric needs with solar energy.