Ibiza Mirage



  • Two heated outdoor pools
  • A third heated outdoor pool 16 x 6 meters
  • One heated indoor pool
  • Two jacuzzis
  • Beach sand with lounge beds

The Wellness Area of the Resort Consists of four pools and two jacuzzis

The main pool, a large infinity pool, is located in front of the lounge terrace. It can be heated and its water is treated with the highest standards which results in soft and chalk-free water. The water that overflows from the edge lands in a second pool with minimal depth. Although this is an adult resort not well suited for youngsters, we understand that some families bring children. In that case this shallow pool is the safest for them.

On the same level, you’ll find a recently constructed beach area with real beach sand, even inside the pool. This area is equipped with comfortable sun beds, parasols, a complete beach bar, and a fantastic 200 x 100 inch (5 x 2.5 meter) LED screen that adjusts its contrast automatically day & night. It features a powerful Bose sound system that is loud enough to turn the garden into a discotheque. This area is perfect to host a serious beach party.

All multimedia in this area is app-controlled so you can play any song, whether it’s coming from Spotify, YouTube or our in-house preselected library.

At night, the outside area is illuminated in a beautiful, trendy magenta color that is even visible from the city of Ibiza.

The fourth pool is inside of the villa. A detailed description can be found here.

On the same level as the living area just beside the infinity pool, there is a large jacuzzi with breathtaking views. A second jacuzzi is situated in the bathroom of the Master Suite.